Wooden Baby Activity Walker Push Toy

Wooden Baby Activity Walker Push Toy

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There's No Doubt About It - Little Kids Love Push Toys!
It’s overflowing joy to us, parents, to watch our cute little one cruising around the living room for the first time with the help of their push toy. Push toys provide our children with a lot more than fun. Push toys are a wonderfully worthy purchase. This WOODEN BABY ACTIVITY WALKER PUSH TOY does more for your toddler than you might think!
They provide support for babies who aren't quite ready to stand or walk on their own. A good push toy can help our little ones get their footing once they have mastered pulling themselves up and supported standing. In order to use them, toddlers need to exert the big-muscle force. This supports movement skills like standing, walking, and pivoting. It is a tool they need to help them get moving which is actually a major step in their development of balance, coordination, and motor skills that eventually will lead them to walk all on their own.
As your new explorer hold on to for support on this toy during the first walking lesson of toddler years, it also teaches them to look ahead for obstacles and how to get their way around them. The more help they get from these toys, the faster they can improve their motor skills and hence start walking.

This Walker Push Toy has everything you need to take your baby from sitting up to those precious first steps. It also comes with blocks or other activities that can support more than movement skills but require your little ones to put on their thinking caps too, because they involve more open-ended play that’s rich in IQ-enhancing opportunities. Which again are perfect for playing with before babies can walk.

Behind every Champion Walker is a Push Toy that honed their strength, balance, and confidence. From encouraging babies to stand and walk to helping toddlers refine movements, this Wooden Baby Activity Walker Push Toy supports a child’s development in unique and surprising ways.



Product Features:

  • Baby push and pull toy allow your child's first steps unforgettable and engaging. 
  • Inspire children's manipulative ability, imagination and creativity, problem-solving, social skills, motor skills. 3. Bright color and fun activities 
  • Suitable for Children Age Over 1 Year Old 
  • ASTM-certified


  • Material: Plywood
  • Dimension: 14.96 x 12.6 x 17.91"/38 x 32 x 45.5cm
  • Weight: 176.37oz/5000g


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Walker