Electric Double Breast Pump
Electric Double Breast Pump
Electric Double Breast Pump
Electric Double Breast Pump

Electric Double Breast Pump

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By Ensuring a Fresh Supply of Breastmilk, this Tool Bridges the Gap Between a Working Mom and a Baby

Modern technological advancement has made man marvel at how science can assist us in our most crucial times. One such awe-inspiring innovation is the Electric Double Breast Pump.

All mothers want to give their baby the best…and natural breast milk is one way to do that. The unfortunate thing is that most moms have a problem with breastfeeding, ranging from improper latching by the baby, inverted nipples, and hectic schedules. But today’s modern urban mums have a choice and a good one at that – electric breast pumps. For mothers who need to be away from their babies, this breast pump is a boon. Regardless of the type of hindrance you are facing, this Electric Double Breast Pump will be a great solution and should be among the baby items you have.

Mothers who need to go for work even when their child needs to be breastfed find breast pump to be immensely helpful. In certain medical conditions where the baby refuses to feed on the breasts, such pumps are used to collect the mother’s milk. With this Electric Double Breast Pump, you will have a breastfeeding alternative and your baby will still be taking pure breast milk just like it should be even when you are away.

These Electric Double Breast Pumps have made life easier for mothers around the world. The convenience of pumping out breast milk and storing it for later use has allowed new mothers to return to work earlier, while still being able to provide their babies with breast milk.

These pumps consist of a mini electric motor which helps to build the rhythmic suction. As they are automatic and a mom doesn’t have to use her hands to pump, they do not leave you tired after use. Moreover, as they generate suction, active mothers can do additional things, at the same time, like reading, while using them. They have also given working mothers a way to ensure that their baby gets breast milk even when they are not around. Many mothers also use these to express milk so that someone else can take a turn to feed the baby. This gives them time to rest or take a much-needed nap.

These breast pumps are a must-have if you need to pump frequently throughout the day without compromising on the milk volume or taxing your hands. 


Benefits of Expressing Milk Through Breast Pump

  • Induces lactation: Using breast pumps in a comfortable vacuum condition will stimulate milk production levels during lactation.
  • Prevents cancer: Breastfeeding may help in releasing hormones that prevent breast and ovarian cancer. Breast pumps help out mums to express and store milk while they are away from the baby to prevent engorgement.
  • Relief to maternity: Stimulation of hormones by pumps will fasten up the recovery process of maternity. Studies reveal that mums who breastfeed heal faster than mums who don’t.
  • Providing nutrients to the baby: Though breast milk stored and frozen in a container lacks nutrients compared to directly feeding the baby. Working moms who do not want to replace breast milk over formula milk. Breast pumps are a good choice for nourishing your baby with essential nutrients that are essential for their immunity and development.

Advantages of Electric Double Breast Pump:

  • Electric breast pumps are more efficient. They pump more milk.
  • No manual work required.
  • More comfortable once you get used to it.
  • Mimic the baby's suction more accurately.
  • Best for regular use.
  • Double electric pumps save more time.
  • Ideal for busy moms.

Health Tips:

  1. Wash hands before using a milk pump to milk or treat breast milk.
  2. The breast pump is hot with a hot towel before milking. Massage stimulates the areola to make the breast completely clear.
  3. Milking at your own pressure. Breasts or nipples should stop milking when they feel pain.
  4. Just squeeze out the amount of eight points for milking (no more than 20 minutes)
  5. Use a lidded container when storing breast milk
  6. Remove breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)
  7. Do not put refrigerated breast milk and fresh breast milk together.
  8. Thaw the refrigerated breast milk or link the container to the warm milk for warm feeding.
  9. After the defrosted breast milk is thawed, if the baby can not finish drinking after 24 hours, please do not repeat the refrigerated breast milk. Dispose of the remaining and disinfect the container.