Kids' Blue Canopy Easy Steer Stroller Push Trike

Kids' Blue Canopy Easy Steer Stroller Push Trike

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Every child remembers their first bike. Make those special memories with this Kids' Easy Steer Stroller Push Trike. Trikes are really the first toy that give kids the sense of moving forward. It is a beloved toy for many families as it teaches important skills like steering and pedaling. They also help develop a kid’s visual processing skills while in motion which is crucial in laying the foundation for eventually becoming a confident big kid biker.


Equipped with a traditional stroller-type handle for extra control, this Stroller Push Trike can be maneuvered by parents using an adjustable push handle. A canopy provides shade as your child enjoys the ride. It also features a crash-proof sponge guardrail and triangular seat belt that ensures your children’s safety and as young as one-year old, your kid can enjoy a ride on this stroller push trike with a parent pushing from behind while baby’s feet are resting on the removable footrest.

It easily collapses for effortless travel and includes an extra-large storage basket at the base of the handle. Finally, as your toddler grows and ready to conquer the different growth stages, parents can simply remove the canopy shade, the footrest, the safety guardrail, the push-bar, and the handle. At that stage, your child is ready to use the classic trike and pedal on their own … the trike transitions to a big-kid mode.

Stroller Push Trikes are a fun way to travel with your young child, providing an interactive and engaging trip with them. They provide healthy playtime and coordination for kids, while also offering a safe way to stroll around the block with parents. This versatile baby product is made with a sturdy metal frame and wide rubber tires and is built to last through the years. This stroller trike may just seem like an ordinary baby carriage toy, when in fact, it is an important step in your child’s learning, growth and development … One of the finest investments for your baby’s needs.



Product Features:

  • Heavy duty tricycle frame with steering system
  • Removable push / steer handle allows adults to control steering and speed while walking comfortably
  • 4-in-1, this bike can accompany your child through four stages
  • Portable seat, changing seat position, let children face to face and add fun
  • High-quality tires, suitable for various road surface
  • Crash-proof sponge guardrail, triangular seat belt ensure your children’s safety
  • Foldable design for saving your space and easy place in SUV
  • Large-capacity storage basket






  • Material: Steel (Frame), PVC (Wheels), 600 D Oxford Fabric (Awning), PE (Seat), ABS (Foot Pedals), PP (Sand Baffle)
  • Color: Blue
  • Net Weight: 17.5lbs
  • Overall Dimension: 36"×19.5"×40.5"(L×W×H)
  • Folding Size: 33.5"×19.5"×19.5"(L×W×H)
  • Front Wheel Size: 9"
  • Rear Wheel Size: 8"
  • Weight Capacity: 55.5lbs
  • Suitable Age: 1-5 Years Old




Package Includes:

  • 1    x    Stroller Push Trike with Canopy