4-in-1 Transformable Play Foam Furniture Activity Set

4-in-1 Transformable Play Foam Furniture Activity Set

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This Versatile 4-in-1 Transformable Play Foam Furniture Activity Set Offers Many Important Benefits for Early Development of our Little Children.
As a parent you’re going to love watching your kids playing with these foam blocks because it’s very easy to use, clean, it is portable, and can also be customized so you won’t have to worry about activity and entertainment even when away from home. They also encourage children to develop fine-motor skills, visual sensory development, and hand-eye coordination as well as teaching your kids valuable logic and reasoning skills. Although designed for toddlers, it’s also suitable to play with at an earlier stage as their bright colors enhance cognitive development and it’s safe to say it grows with your little one.
As they grow and their eyesight develops, the colors become clearer and their focus sharper along with coordinated motor skills, it becomes easy to play with all the pieces. Other than engaging the facial and neck muscles, they’re going to rely on their legs and arms as well, climbing, crawling, and walking. Therefore, these 4-in-1 Transformable Play Foam Furniture Activity Set forces your little ones to use hands and feet to explore the different block pieces which is what contributes to their physical development. Plus, they are a fun way to spend parent/child bonding time working on communication and sharing skills.



Look No Further! This 4-in-1 Transformable Play Foam Furniture Activity Set will be the Perfect Gift for your child. The brightly- colored blocks can be used as a sofa, cushion, table, play mat, and others as you wish. The high-quality EPE filler has good resilience, which is soft and comfortable, ensuring that the child will not get injured during the play while giving him a unique play experience. The PU leather surface has good water resistance and is easy to clean. Just a wet towel will do to make this sofa set as clean and new again. Besides, the lightweight design makes this building block not a heavy burden on your kids. They can easily move, assemble, and build any form they like.




Product Features:

  • Bright colors and various shapes will attract children's attention, make them fall in love with crawling
  • 6 differently shaped blocks can be freely combined to inspire creativity
  • Multiple functions can be used as sofa, cushion, table or others
  • The high-quality EPE filler give the children better protection
  • Durable PU surface is waterproof and easy to clean without unnecessary trouble
  • Lightweight design is simple for children to move and play
  • Colorful appearance can exercise children's perception of color
  • Non-toxic materials are harmless to children’s health
  • Perfect gifts for children of all ages




  • Product Size(pave): 59’’(L) X 39’’(W) X 6’’(H)
  • Product Size(fold): 39’ ’ (L) X 20’’ (W) X 18’’ (H)
  • Product Material: PU+EPE
  • Color: Yellow + Light Blue + Dark Blue + Orange + Red




Package Includes:

  • 1    x    4-In-1 Combination Sofa Set